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Truth claims for everyone!

Friday, June 06, 2008

a ribbon at a time

i wish love were less like philosophy, and more like love.

adam, you're brilliantly underrated.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

I know that I have been away for some while, and I hope Shaina, Adam and Jumo have been alright with my absence. (If you read my blog, and I don't know you, leave a comment and prove my three fan truth claim wrong.) The summer has been going really well thus far: lots of working, music, writing, picture taking and all around enjoyment. Once June passes, and with it the rain, hopefully I'll be able to make more frequent trips to large bodies of water. Either way, I hope to keep this updated a little better over the summer. I mean, what else will I have to do?

Thursday, January 17, 2008


everyone here is fashionable; everyone here smokes cigarettes; drivers are crazy; pedestrians are crazier.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

forever ago.

Well, in a few days I'll be embarking on a four month trip throughout western Europe, and when I return from that, I'll most likely be embarking on another trip across Canada. Hopefully you won't be upset with the lack of insight into my mind. If you want to guess what I'll be thinking while I'm there, I'm sure it will include a lot of, "wow" and a lot of "hmm".

So, goodbyes are in order. Instead of reading this, go read a book.

Oh, and listen to Bon Iver, for goodness sake.

Friday, January 04, 2008

dreamers, part three.

another killin' on the dance floor!

download here

bloc party - i still remember (sebastiAn remix)
digitalism - magnets
daft punk - rollin and scratchin
lcd soundsystem - all my friends
kavinsky - testarossa (sebastiAn remix)
the field - a paw in the face
phoenix - long distance call (25 hours a day remix)
justice - b.e.a.t. (extended)
dragonette - i get around (midnight juggernauts remix)
justice - phantom pt. ii (boys noize remix)
mstrkrft - street justice (2007 remix)
chromeo - fancy footwork

get down!

Monday, December 31, 2007


A quiet thought.

I'm standing side-stage, of an overwhelmingly large auditorium, the kind with three balconies and exclusive boxes attached to the walls, where royalty may have once sat. There's a large, red velvet curtain that is concealing the stage, and the gentle lull of nervous, anticipating conversation is swimming throughout the audience. The stage is occupied by only one item: a simple, elegant, black grand piano.

From the other side of the stage, I can see you anxiously pace from one wall to the next. You're not nervous, rather you're excited, and when you glance over to my side of the stage, you flash me this smile, as if to say, "I know something that you don't." You've never been good with secrets, and sooner than later the entire auditorium will be on the inside. The house lights are dimmed, subtly, and the auditorium is hushed. The curtain is drawn, and you make your entrance, in pure beauty. The audience claps, quickly, as to not waste any more time; everyone is just as excited to discover this secret you want to share. So you bow, politely, and smile at the audience the same way you smiled at me. You sit down, and right before you press the first key, you look up, and nod towards me; your eyes tell me, "this one's for you."

Friday, December 14, 2007

records of the year.

Time for this year's best of list. Get down!

15. Feist - The Reminder

This record blew me away the first time I heard it: a much more mature, produced sounding record, with some of Feist's best songs to date. It probably would have made it even higher on the list if every person with a TV hadn't have agreed with me too.

14. Mixtapes and Cellmates - Mixtapes and Cellmates

I'm almost positive this record came out this year, but it's hard to tell. This band is just another group of Swedes that completely amazed me this year. Sweden went from being another place I'd like to visit some day, to a place I NEED to visit. This record grows on me each time I hear it, and it will be the perfect record to fill the void for the people waiting for a new Postal Service record.

13. Of Montreal - Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?

A lot of people will call this the album of the year, and it probably deserves to be called that. Another surprise for me; I wasn't really amazed after hearing the first few tracks, but this record works as a whole. "The Past Is A Grotesque..." may be the greatest 11 minute song ever put in the middle of a record.

12. Jens Lekman - Night Falls Over Kortedala

Another surprise record for me. Since my infatuation with all things Swedish began, I've been picking up absolutely anything by any Swede. I had listened to "You're So Silent...", but I had never really got into it. This album, on the other hand, had me hooked from the first listen. His ability to tell a story through a song is brilliant, and the arrangements and overall instrumentation is so cool. One of the best feelgood records of the year.

11. Iron & Wine - The Shepherd's Dog

The first time I listened to this record, I didn't get it. I'd never been a fan of Sam Beam's more full-band stuff on "Our Endless...", so I didn't really know how to take this record in. And then I saw him live. I think that in order for this record to REALLY take effect, you need to see it performed. After that show, I haven't been able to stop listening to it. It really does have everything that made me fall in love with Iron and Wine to begin with: the whispering voices of beautiful melodies, with the sleepy harmonies. "Flightless Bird..." has to be my favourite song of the year.

10. The Field - From Here We Go Sublime

About a week ago I DJ'd a dance party, and "Everday", though early in the mix, had the place losing it. Probably one of the best dance songs I've heard in ages. If you can find the video of "Everday" being performed at the Pitchfork Festival this year, do it. You'll know what I mean.

9. The Acorn - Glory Hope Mountain

The Acorn have been one of my favourite bands over the last few years. I'd been waiting for a full-length from them for quite some time, and I'm happy to say that they didn't disappoint. They seemed to combine all the things I loved about their EPs, and put it in to one record. Again, another album that just flows so well, and "Lullaby" is one of the best album closers of the year.

8. Band of Horses - Cease To Begin

"No One's Gonna Love You" has to be the prettiest song I have ever heard. This record was a welcome step from "Everything...".

7. Wilco - Sky Blue Sky

I remember during the summer, when Wilco posted their record to stream off their site. I immediately got a hold of my friend Andy, another big Wilco fan, to let him know. He asked me how it sounded, and all I could think of was, "soft". The production on this record is brilliant, much like the production on "A Ghost Is Born". Here, though, it feels more like a warm walk in the sun, whereas "A Ghost..." is a like a warm blanket, in a very cold room. One of the most mellow, subtle records of the year.

6. Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position

This guy is just absolutely ridiculous. I mean, look at that album cover. This was definitely my left-field pick of the year. But again, the flow of this record made it so easy to listen to. It's really like going on an adventure. Such weird, happy, beautiful music.

5. Radiohead - In Rainbows

I would have loved to give this record the number one, but though it's only a few off, this record is still absolutely amazing. I had no idea what to expect, and I was incredibly pleased. It has enough experimentation to make it something unique, but enough straight up rock and roll to make it accessible. Definitely their best record since Kid A.

4. Miracle Fortress - Five Roses

The definition of a summer record. I had read about this record on i(heart)music, and the next day found it in futureshop for a mere $12. I bought it on a whim, and never looked back. I can't believe this record hasn't made Graham Van Pelt an indie superstar, but I suppose I should enjoy the time when I have him to myself. Expect huge things from this band.

3. The National - Boxer

Right from the start, this record pulls you into something. It's catchy, it's dark, it's got some really beautiful songs, it's got some really harsh songs. The lyrics are so complex, and hearing them through that deep baritone creates this atmosphere that is amazing.

2. Justice - †

The best electronic record since "Discovery". Amazingly catchy songs, with some of the best dance beats made in a long time. This record just doesn't quit, too. Right when you think you've hit the peak, you get "Stress" and "Waters of Nazareth", two of the sickest songs I have ever heard. The bar has been raised.

1. Bloc Party - A Weekend In The City

This album summed up my first half of the year. Of all the records released this year, none resonated quite so much as this one did. I had loved "Silent Alarm" and, as seems to be the trend, was a little weary of this record. My first few times through, I thought it was alright, nothing amazing. But after seeing them live, I become obsessed. This record was on repeat on my iPod for at least two months. Something about the combination of the danceable music, and potent, prophetic lyrics just hit me. This record made me want to write music that said something, that discussed the things that our culture needs to discuss. It also made me want to dance. The critics weren't completely impressed by this record, but thankfully I'm not a music critic. I think this record is a perfect documentation of our culture, and our times, and when I look back to life in the 2000s, I think this record will say much more than a lot of other records.

Latest Additions.

  • Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours
  • My Morning Jacket - Evil Urges
  • Ra Ra Riot - Ra Ra Riot EP
  • Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes
  • The National - The Virgina EP